She keeps you in her heart Mesmerised with your reflection, you love her When she smiles it feels itchy, you smile. … What did that painting in the gallery tell you? You stood there infinite times She ran through you, like a current, no? You wanted to have all of them In one form or…

Ancient self

You sense that ancient side of you The self has petals you trust that can open forever Can I be who I am if I have not discovered all my layers yet? Laid in different zones of the existence If so, where do I end? Is it an indulgence to look for the threads connecting…

Speak out

You were born again and again for many centuries, in many space-times and time-spaces Carrying a message forward You clung your teeth Not knowing what would come out of your mouth   How many times you hid in the crowd in disguise You didn’t speak about it to yourself even when the windows were shut…

Writing for self-knowing

We receive messages throughout our day, from many sources. Prophecy now seems like what we can easily do. I remember my farewell to the Source, I was probably around 10… I would pray to a smiley Muslim Hodja like God, sitting and looking down to see me, through his sweet cheeks and nose, in an…


When are we complete? When will we be totally clean of our baggage, traumas, conflicts? If we see ourselves less and less complete, at every step of the way, is our presence for something else than reaching our complete version? Is becoming a whole again a never-ending dream? Is the grass greener in the Oasis…

14 – Otherhood

She lacked the sense of belonging since she was very little. At first, this seemed like a result of growing up with her grandparents after her father passed away and mother moved to Italy with her new husband. But she always had the sense that she was left with her grandparents because she lacked the…

House of Intent

House of Intent is an organisation that serves people in their transformational journeys. It provides space and tools from different modalities, ancient and modern wisdom to support their evolution. These tools help them connect to their true self and be aware of the relationship they build. The services the organisation offer are: Physical Workshops – themed workshops -tensegrity,…

What can a woman be?

The biggest dilemma many women suffer from is the ambiguity they have about their own gender. They put a lot of effort into trying to understand what being a woman is. “I am a woman and I want to act and feel like a woman” is a continuous chat in their mind. They wish they…


After you left, We felt so lonely We; the God, the Prophet, two Saints and myself We sat for a short while Wondering about what to do It was unbearable Without you   First, the Saints gave up on waiting They decided to turn themselves into something else Which has no loneliness inside They galloped…

Love Leads You

You think you came so far in your journey, in search of bliss. You tried many methods, asked a lot of questions to those who claimed to know the way… You wondered if your journey meant to reach that point. Were you supposed to stop there and turn into something greater than what you are?…

Women on top

  With appreciation to all women who lead their lives as  “a woman on top” and carry this as a quality with grace. I would like to admit publicly that apparently I was not a marriage material in the conventional sense and apologise to the men, to start with, whose time I wasted. The aim…


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