– Everything is as I left. – Yes, everything is the same here. – Have I been away for long? – 16 earth years long. Before that, you were not always in radar either, we got worried about you. We thought we have lost you too. – The earth is too dense, it is thick….

Guan Yin’s Stance

I can see the curves of her lips. Although she is invisible in space you can see her silhouette if you entangle with her still mind. She has become space now, she is whole, nothing is missing, nothing is excess, she is complete in her stance. She is wearing a red headband on her forehead,…

In Rumi’s Heart

“It is not about me”, he said Shadows on his face were fighting with the mellow light of the candle His breath that has blown the flame hit my heart like a hurricane. My mountains were crumbling down, my oceans were rising up to my crown I was not crying, but all were pouring out and…

Prefrontal Cortex

I hold the memory of you in my prefrontal cortex A vintage projector plays your movie, while I look at the empty space in the living room The pictures are black and white but I can feel all your colours in the form of heat  Your words are clear, but each time they mean something…

The Seed

You are the seed of the dream, we have dreamt about you We have planted hundreds and thousands of years of history in you within that seed You are within the dream that we planted in you It is not a riddle to resolve, there is no mystery take it as it is since you…


After you left, We felt so lonely We; the God, the Prophet, two Saints and myself We sat for a short while Wondering about what to do It was unbearable Without you   First, the Saints gave up on waiting They decided to turn themselves into something else Which has no loneliness inside They galloped…


Bana saçma’yı verin
anlamlar size kalsın

kelimelerin bir şey ifade etmeye çalışmadığı bir yer var:
bir elektrik telinde sıralanmış
farklı yönlere bakan
avare kuşlar gibi
bağlam dışı dizilir kelimeler
saçma’nın yurdunda
ordan burdan konular açar her biri
şundan bundan bahsederler
bir şey ifade etmeden
saçmanın nizamında
bana onları bırakın
anlamı götürün giderken

Face to face

I will see you Through the tunnels To the lights   I will see you Day and night In the dawn of time and in twilights   I will see you to your bones and every cell To your deepest desires and pain   I am your witness   Layer by layer I will see you…

Juliette speaks

The earth is turning beneath I wait for Juliette to speak   She moves gently I somehow know she is not gentle at all I wait for her to speak   She lies in ambush and forces me to talk I talk Intimidated by her silence   As the earth starts turning faster time loses…


Love is not staying in your land tranquil… It is always a homecoming without knowing how far you are   It is walking towards your land With sand in the eyes wind in the chest feet deep down. a longing is felt only on the way back…   Love is getting lost in the river of forgetfulness and…