Guan Yin’s Stance

I can see the curves of her lips.

Although she is invisible in space

you can see her silhouette if you entangle with her still mind.

She has become space now, she is whole, nothing is missing, nothing is excess, she is complete in her stance.

She is wearing a red headband on her forehead,

knitted with cotton

by the loving hands of a mother who held so much pain in her heart,

for losing a loved child,

She knitted the threads of her pure love into the headbands

mixing no single drop of her pain…

only love, knowingly, to create a space on Earth for her lost one and many other children

who have never been spoken about thoroughly,

whose lights couldn’t be revealed, dissolved and diluted into the sphere of the Earth

The mother contained the pain in her heart and held for millenniums

on behalf of all

For the Earth to acknowledge and remember one day, when it is time, when ready

For somewhere in the space to be contained by an ever-loving mother as a living dream


Guan Yin

The braids came through both sides of her invisible face,

they wave in space with the pulse of the Earth

Her head is turned to the East slightly

waiting for the approaching sunrise

She listened.

She stood tall and stared at the infinite space.

Her curved lips implied a gentle smile.

the pulse of the Earth, the Milkway, whatever was once before her eyes,

and the pulsating infinite heart of that mother,

emerged on the surface of her still mind with the sunrise.

She held the mother’s dream gently

felt pure love for all those who got lost on the way

like the letters never reached their destinations

never opened

never shined their lights.

They are the dream of the One,  the Source,

of the eternal mother and the father,

of the Earth.

She held the dream on her forehead where the cotton headband was

and projected into space through the heart-shaped hole in the middle

She blessed the Earth with her stance

Her dream reflected in every direction

And called the souls of every child

“I have arrived, my beloved ones!

May all wake up now!”


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