In Rumi’s Heart

“It is not about me”, he said

Shadows on his face were fighting with the mellow light of the candle

His breath that has blown the flame

hit my heart like a hurricane.

My mountains were crumbling down, my oceans were rising up to my crown

I was not crying, but all were pouring out and down, through my eyes.

“You talk about love, but you know nothing about it my dearest. If you hold on to the shadows, how you can find peace in light. Let it go.”

I did not know what he wanted me to let go.

“I have nothing left, all are long gone”, I said.

“Let me go!” he answered

“No, No No! You are the one whose light ignites the light within me. If I let you go who am I to be?”

“Like you did it just now, surrender to the hurricane within you. I will be behind your mountains and in the deep oceans that you dive in. Meet me beyond the form. If my light ignites your light, let my love put you in flames.”

I must have been convinced for a moment, he slipped away from the face of the earth. He was no more…

through many lifetimes of hurricanes

through the endless fire within

I am still on the way

to the one

to the Sun that’s Shams

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