Prefrontal Cortex

I hold the memory of you in my prefrontal cortex

A vintage projector plays your movie, while I look at the empty space in the living room

The pictures are black and white but I can feel all your colours in the form of heat 

Your words are clear, but each time they mean something else

Your head is up and stands soft above your neck

You speak powerfully about something

It does not matter what it is, the meaning will change each time that my prefrontal cortex brings you back

Your long hair with highlights is sexy, free, rebellious

Your shoulders are wide and bony, your boobs are pointy

Your body grows in power in every direction

There is a dimple on your left cheek that I didn’t see before

You smile, your eyes are not here, you look at me from another spacetime, like through a blurred window

I record the scene to watch over and over again


Your land comes out when you speak

Cool sparks of a different sun, made of diamond

you grow as big as this room

twinkles and sparks in my mind

you bring your stars

The big dipper circles around your chest pointing at every direction

You lift your index finger to point out a shift in frequency

“Did you get this?”, as if you are measuring the wind on a sailing boat

You float with a current which was made of whatever time is made of

You come and go in waves

I surrender more each time






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