Vertical Desires

After all those years

I understand all our communication

was all about me telling you, about you,

you and me.

Not what I heard or learned from you, about me,

you and me.

You just loved how lost I was, how I was seeking you

how I was uniting,

with you and me.

You loved my re-membering

piece by piece.

You were amused in a way,

I was crawling, could not stand up on my feet

You reflected everything I said, back to me

It was healing.

In those days, you came in sudden times,

hence I was always expecting you

and met you in your sublime field

I get that knowing was a hoax as the knowledge

I even left that behind.

Do I feel disappointed?

No, but relieved

Hold your mirrors for me

Let me reflect a thousand time

I can go through the thousands of shades of being human

I have vertical desires now




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