It wants to be found but it is not to be found

It is in the journey

Can you give up your search?


Your search is your biggest pain

you are in a painful longing whenever you get a glimpse of merging

Remember and re-member your pieces

Go deep into the seed and reflect back again

this is the design

Stay in the root

and emanate from there

Like ever-expanding circles on the water

after a drop of a pebble

Leave a couple of steps between yourself and your reality

Do not own yourself

Disown your words

They serve as a futile effort in finding the truth

How can you love something within you?

How can you long for something within your own dream?

It is the pain you are holding on to

Can you disown your pain?

Turn into an empty temple

where the wind flows

without leaving any trace

but a bit of wear and tear of gentle touches of the air

a bit of sound in the memory hanging in the carvings above the pillars

where they hit the dome

Empty your temple

so you can sense it at its simplest, in full.


which is not something to have

but to be witnessed

in joy, in love

We told you this before

Can you stay in love, in your being, rooted, naked, barefoot and bareheart?

We tell you now

what it is holding you back is

your pain

Can you stop this game?

You have not been left out

You have not been forgotten

You are not for anything else

You have no significance

in the eternal waters

One is looking at itself

One is looking for itself

It is the reflection what you call time

Can you submerge in its waters, leaving yourself on the shore?

Like a pebble sinking in the water

for the sake of reflecting eternally

We already taught you how to dive

We are now telling you that are you still standing on the shore

Come in and dream with us.




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