The Seed

You are the seed

of the dream, we have dreamt about you

We have planted hundreds and thousands of years

of history in you within that seed

You are within the dream that we planted in you

It is not a riddle to resolve,

there is no mystery

take it as it is

since you see the seed

can you crack and flourish it now?

Time is not incarnating, that’s not correct

Time is unfolding in you

like rose petals

opening one by one,

and can open up eternally

Time emerges in fractals

You hold all the memories of existence within you

can you remember all now?

Do you remember asking for this?

Time is up

Can you stand up and unfold

like an Aleph emerging from a dot?

Can you rise from nothingness?

Can you crack the seed and flourish now?

You asked us how one can collapse the time

This is how you collapse the time

Now you know

Can you do and undo the time now?

Do you understand now,

how you can revive and recreate the whole history?

Call all your ancient selves

Call your animals, your plants,

temples and desserts

and your blue star

Call all the birds, roofs and skies you saw

all the river beds, all the woods you admired

all the horses you rid, all the wars you fought at

Call all your winds and words blew through time

This is your dream that we have dreamt about you

We folded it all and hid within you

You don’t have a task

You have self-expression to make

There is nothing out there

We taught this to you

We also taught you

there is nothing to become

as yourself is nothing but nothing and everything is you

now we are telling you we hid all this nothingness within you

with everything else

you swallowed all universes into your black hole

Can you blow your dream into the face of the cosmos now?

What makes the difference is how you relate to the journey


there is no time, hence there is no karma

only remembering

How many more times we should tell you

the only real thing is the dream

You came here to find the Master

We hid the Master within you

Don’t overexplain, don’t ask questions

This is your biggest pain

Answers are possessions, that’s your greed

We were speaking all that time

you did not believe the voices in your ears

but here is all

Now crack the seed, if you believe

Time is now

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