The Great Master

The great master is the one who admits that s(he) does not know about your path as well as her path. She says I only know where I am now and I know what is my desire on this journey, these are all I know.  Then she invites you to follow her footsteps. She would help you out if you need her advice if you need picking up, lifting up. She promises the journey, not the destination. She promises an open heart.

A great master knows the journey is nothing but what it is. She is cautious as she knows she needs to be present at every step of the way, she is protected as she activates herself, she shines her light out, she loves herself, she embodies her love. She opens your heart with a touch of inspiration, she uplifts you. You walk the walk because you know the journey tastes sweet, you get sweeter at each step. You become more loving, more compassionate, lighter, more fearless and freer. You love who you are on the path, you appreciate and salute your possibilities of being. She has tools when you need one if you do not need any tools she accompanies you with her nice words. She encourages you for the journey if you decide to give up. She does not command although she is a commander. She allows you to deviate, to be indecisive, to have doubts, she is there if you need to be united again along the journey.

She is your soul, you follow her. She is always happy to lead you. Give her the compassion she needs, give her your love and gratitude for this task!

Remember she does not ask for this, it is your choice whether to surrender to her or not. Ask for her forgiveness. Show humility, show resilience, show enthusiasm and joy in your following.

She will bring you much wisdom.

You should first understand that your connection can keep you on this journey. Invest in this connection by loving it, showing gratitude for it.

Her mind is the mind of oneness, her language is the language of oneness. She nourishes you with her words. She doesn’t speak in duality context, she does not speak to your mind, she speaks to your heart. She knows her being is a choice rather than a possession and she constantly chooses it.

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