Serving Humanity

It gives us fear to think about serving humanity to be a happier and healthier place.  Everyone does a bit, but it is not an easy job. You need to deal with so much darkness, dark energies, negativity. You want your space to be surrounded with high and pleasant frequencies and vibrations, therefore you need the people to be at their bests, even during their biggest turmoils. You want to help humanity, to increase positivity, happiness.

On the other hand, you see the conflict that you cannot help others. Perhaps their struggles change forms, flow changes. You learned at some point that your biggest masterpiece is you and you should not externalise the work. As you help yourself and reach your own integrity, the life you project would shift. Live, love and dream, that’s your journey.

Think about what you love doing, think what you love to share, think about your joy and happiness. Ask what makes you happy.

Serving humanity is only possible if you know what your dream is.

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