In the River Lethe

The bottle broke when it hit the rocks

I am on the loose now, floating and swirling with joy.

I love the current and the wind.

The ink dissolved,

I cannot recall the words.

But I have the sense of the message.

Before fading in the water, the ink underlined a bit of the river,

which was worth the watch,

but also sad!


I feel like I have been here before

this is not the first time

that I am floating and swirling in these waters.

my sadness is old

I feel like having been folded

by the same crease again and again

I cannot recall the words, I am blank now

perhaps soon to be to torn in pieces

by the seagulls and the bees

the message got lost maybe

But, I will keep the sense of it


What happens to the meaning when a letter breaks loose?

Is it like a missing stone on a necklace

or perhaps in a graveyard?

Is anyone searching for it?

or some meanings are not to be found

but to be lost?

hence released in the Lethe in my case,

in a fragile bottle, on a curious paper…

I still wonder.

So, I will keep the sense in case.


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