She keeps you in her heart

Mesmerised with your reflection, you love her

When she smiles

it feels itchy,

you smile.

What did that painting in the gallery tell you?

You stood there infinite times

She ran through you, like a current, no?

You wanted to have all of them

In one form or another.

You inhaled.

Whose heart was racing with excitement and joy?

That was her, no?

Looking at herself

Through your eyes.

Through your body.

Have you ever seen anything that much before that?

You cannot see her

All she does is to reflect you, tirelessly and infinite times

You encounter a bit of yourself

wherever you turn your head

Don’t you?

She can see through you

Did you not wonder who is looking,

when you stood up and wait there?

It felt itchy inside.

You loved your reflection of you looking at that painting

that felt itchy infinite times, no?




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