Ancient self


You sense that ancient side of you

The self has petals you trust that can open forever

Can I be who I am if I have not discovered all my layers yet?

Laid in different zones of the existence

If so, where do I end?

Is it an indulgence to look for the threads connecting me to my dots?

Deepest memories stored in the holy cupboards of the universes come alive

Is it not too much to contain?

Or is it the only way forward for the one

who is after completing her whole story?

Shall I stay here looking at those ancient memories?

Shall I move on acknowledging what is to be known

has already been laid in front of me?

is it not time buzzing in your ears reminding itself to be alive?

or is it just an illusion coming down after years of ruling over your life?

you tap the ground a couple of times

you call the Intent

force wakes up under your feet and walks through your legs and torso

finds the way to your head

a sweet beast with seven eyes

wakes up

in your womb

the whole current goes upward

and connects you to somewhere up there

you are fully lit

like a lighthouse


you tap the ground twice again

you ask

shall I keep you or let you go

Its beams already hit the cosmos

perhaps it is too late to disconnect

the message must be already out

it will come back to you like a boomerang

all in balance, at least its shadows fall back on me

your light will shine back

perhaps on a commute

in an urban setting

time swirls around itself

when you see your ancient self

you remember what you sent up there

it is pouring like an unexpected rain on a sunny day

and son you will have a rainbow

lit by your beast in the past perhaps, or a layer of time ago

that beast sleeps inside

since ancient times.

Holy cupboard holly cupboard!

Shall I keep the beast or let it go?

No you don’t want to send it away

You cannot

but you can disconnect from it if this is what you want

then what happens to all the selves you had memories about

your beast is all you have, connecting you to yourself,

to all your impressions.

it is the only thing that intersects multiple selves of you in all the universes

with its ancient beauty.

It is mesmerising.

you sense yourself wider and larger now

you embrace that ancient side

as your own.

you feel wider

you tap your foot once

you thank the Intent.


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