Speak out

You were born again and again

for many centuries, in many space-times and time-spaces

Carrying a message forward

You clung your teeth

Not knowing what would come out of your mouth


How many times you hid in the crowd

in disguise

You didn’t speak about it to yourself

even when the windows were shut blind

when the doors were locked

when your walls were thick enough that no one would hear your cry


You learned how to shush and hide what you meant to say

behind your chit-chats

you hid it from your own mind

You cannot remember how long you carried the truth forward

not knowing what it was

You found a safe way and turned it into a sense


You saw how many were hanged

before your eyes

how many beheaded

for not keeping quiet

People were not ready to hear who you are, who they were

you chose to forget


It was your light what was put off

You smiled while dying inside

You wanted to warn others, you wanted to reveal the message, but you closed down

It was not the time


Until your very being

with all its light wanted to wake up and speak out

“there is nothing out there, the dream is the only thing there is

I am the dream who dreams of itself”

All those centuries you remember squeezes into a single moment

You remember everything in a flash

you find yourself in a room

“I have been here, in this very room”

A wooden table, five men are sitting around it, they are in a joyful state

“One side of me was here all along, right?”

Those in the room look very familiar to you, they are your people

You laugh with a pure heart

It feels home


Your laughter comes out with no barrier

No sadness in your heart, it was all thrown away

in a single shot of laughter

the bars on your tongue are lifted

You speak, there is a sense of freedom in your speech

How easy it is to speak now, you smile

A wave of love surrounds you

You say “what I am made of is love”

You let yourself indulge in that pleasure

You promise yourself in your heart

you will remember and say it all

Five men welcome you, you laugh all together

at nothing particular


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