House of Intent


House of Intent is an organisation that serves people in their transformational journeys. It provides space and tools from different modalities, ancient and modern wisdom to support their evolution. These tools help them connect to their true self and be aware of the relationship they build. The services the organisation offer are:

  • Physical Workshops – themed workshops -tensegrity, transformational breath, energy medicine, yoga, pilates, dances
  • Blessing and chanting sessions
  • Wild Women sessions
  • Wild Men sessions
  • Sound sessions: Transforming with the sound
  • Creative sessions: Transforming with the art
  • Tantra and sexual self trainings
  • Business with intent courses
  • One-on-one coaching

Revenue streams:

  • In person classes
  • Online courses
  • Events
  • Publications
  • Subscriptions
  • Room Hire
  • Cafe
  • Store
  • Production of our collections: Transformation products, decorative, stationery and accessories

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