After you left,

We felt so lonely

We; the God, the Prophet, two Saints and myself

We sat for a short while

Wondering about what to do

It was unbearable

Without you


First, the Saints gave up on waiting

They decided to turn themselves into something else

Which has no loneliness inside

They galloped off as two circus horses

Cheerful and with full of jewels on their heads

We watched them until they disappeared on the horizon


Then the Prophet talked “They are right,

There is no use in waiting

She shut her eyes and wrapped her green shawl around

She turned into something green

became a tree, gracefully

a green fresh smell spread in the air


The God and I were mesmerised with her tree

The smell took us back to the

very first day of the earth

the day when the God first ever dreamt about us

the day everything was brand new

nothing had memories of an old time

the start of the first life for everything.

Everything was raw then

Our minds didn’t know loneliness

God sighed remembering this very first day

He fast forwarded through all the memories of the earth

He smiled with pride “I know what I want to be”

“But what about you?”

I said “I am fine, I will stay here, although I like your company.”


He said:

“They are right. We should also turn into something that has no sense of solitude

Let’s turn into a big eye and fly

Then we watch everything

We would never be alone”

I didn’t mind loneliness

He transformed into a huge eye

and flew to the sky

blinking his eyelids

He was a gorgeous eye

His eyelashes swept the sky

as he flapped


I could feel his gaze at me

It felt less lonely for a while

Then he went on to gaze at other things

This was how the God had left

I was happy waiting for you


I didn’t know it was that long

until they all came back one day

to convince me


The saints’ horses were happy

The Prophet’s tree blossomed

The God’s eye had many memories

They told me to stop waiting

I wasn’t insisting on waiting

for you to come back

I waited

insisting on turning the time into something else

to the way it was before,

before you left.


They told me everything changes

You cannot rewind

neither in time

nor in space

Neither can anything be as before

Nor can time


I said

I cannot think of anything that is not lonely

After he left


A comet flashed in my mind

I started to glow

and grew a shiny tail

God flapped his eyelids


Without knowing

I started to drift up to the sky

It felt really funny

to rise faster than the God

He waved at me

flapping his eyelashes

with joy.
this is the story of how I left you after you left me

and how I found you after I left you

this is how I found myself intersecting you

becoming a comet took me ages

This is how we intersected

here in infinity

Comet copy

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