Juliette speaks

The earth is turning beneathflames.png

I wait for Juliette to speak


She moves gently
I somehow know

she is not gentle at all

I wait for her to speak


She lies in ambush

and forces me to talk

I talk

Intimidated by her silence


As the earth starts turning faster

time loses its relevancy

I don’t want to wait anymore

I want to ask Juliette to speak

She takes a big breath

I hold mine,

All ears,

I wait.


She doesn’t say a word

I somehow know she wouldn’t

She exhales through an invisible mouth

Her breath reaches my neck

I turn behind sensing a moving soul


A half-lit corridor opens up

Elongates to a kindergarden

Right next to me-4-year-old

A familiar silhouette stands

I ask her again, or for the first time,

to speak


She gently moves

She is not gentle, I know somehow

Even then…


Her skirt is wide and long

Her shawl reaches the ground

And touches me as she moves along

Giving me the shivers

Even then…

Or for the first time


I somehow know her

We know each other

Through the half-lit elongating corridors of time


multiple times

laid in layers


She only makes small gestures

To manifest her presence

I do the talking

Forced to read

every small appearances she makes


I, for very long,

Look my left and right

Up and down

And behind

Searching for hints

Of her signs

To catch her moving soul


She is a passer by

A moving soul

Marks every bit of my skin

With shivers

To make known

of her whereabouts


Juliette moves gentle

She is not gentle I know


I don’t know how and when she does that

But I also know

She roars time to time

and her breath burns my fears down

setting me on fire



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