Now and Here (Nowhere)

You trusted that“now and here” is the only plane there is since the beginning of your journey. You saw it for yourself that time and space were useless definitions to explain the wholeness of the one and you ended up in failure when looking for the right words.

Leaving your mind out of the equation has been the biggest challenge. You kept being caught in its continuous chatter and fell into its intriguing stories. You looked at your past, you dreamt about the future. You carried the story you were born into for years, to fix it and you found yourself going round in a circle.

Only when you found a silent moment you stepped on it to look around. How could you explain the silence? You sat on your stone and accepted that state as a wordless knowing. After going back and forth between silence and chattering mind now keep dreamingyou understand silence is not a destination to be reached but a saving to be made. You watched every single drop pouring into your soul and you learnt to appreciate those silent moments giving you a mellow sense of self.

It is about no one, nothing, no religion, no philosophy… Long missed solitude is found, you feel in peace in retreat in your inner castle. You want to absorb its warm beams as much as you can as if sitting in the sun after a freezing day out. You start fearing that you will lose it, and yes, you lose it, many times… You find it back and warm again to your bones.

Whenever you turn up at the gate, you see it to be wide open, whenever you start fearing you are out in the mundane moors of the worldliness.

After going back and forth, knocking plenty of wrong doors, you know it is a gate within yourself.

Now and here neither past exists nor the future awaits. It is that simple moment of silence what your journey was for, you acknowledge this with grace.

Now and here, you can only dream. You can only dream now and here. Your life is nothing but a reflection of it.

Now and here you know only real thing is the dream, not what you dream, the dream itself. You are to dream for the sake of the dream in the immense non-existence.

Now and here your mind is silent. You agree to be open to the knowing which cannot be spoken, is inexplicable. You agree now that words will collapse if you try to explain it all. You agree now and here that you will try anyway, but will be humble if you cannot. You acknowledge and appreciate the very nature of knowing, it is wordless, it is silent. You agree not to know what you know and seeing its reflection falling into your world, like shadows. You agree to be witness to it only, if it is so.

After a painful journey to find the truth, you end up nowhere. Somehow it feels playful and light, you smile to the infinity. You have nothing to tell.







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