An ordinary man does not notice the relation between his being and the outside world. The world for the ordinary man is an external environment that needs changing, controlling and adjusting to. He collects information, builds strategies, labels and defines the signals. He believes this is the only way to cope with the life. He has some questions about who he is and this is how he looks for answers, outside.

Once we step into the journey towards the Individual we surrender to the idea that the world outside is our very reflection and we are, with our thoughts, emotions, circumstances, we are the source of what is outside.

In the beginning we want to avoid from the truth, it feels painful. We don’t see how we reflect all that happening around us. Self-observation lies in the core of this journey, our wide open eyes and open heart sees what we are. Through self-observation we look at all the events and circumstances surrounding us and inside us. After years of memory loss we start awakening to the truth with sleepy eyes: “The world is such as I am such.” How did we become so fragmented? We feel like the man standing in the sun and staring at his shadow with disgrace. As the truth finds its way to our minds, we start wondering when we lost the memory of our very Being.

It becomes painful to remember that all our encounters are there to reflect us. We keep telling ourselves “This is me”, “This is how I am”, “This is because of me”. Mea Culpa… Taking responsibility over the events and circumstances start step by step and becomes our attitude in life. First we wonder what we will turn into, as we go we wisely disattach from anything we become.

Nothing changes along the way, we change. Our only motto is “to know ourselves” and our intention is strong. Beyond all that we must be sincere and serious in this journey. We acknowledge that we lie to ourselves very often. It is a journey where we do not run for results or learning something, but for freedom and love with compassion.

We build the new man with silence in mind and space in our hearts for “It” to flow through. When we are ready we start feeling the breeze which brings the knowledge we are seeking, not in the form of information, but as a state of knowing, we don’t learn, we don’t know. Knowing comes as a state as we move to new planes. When we are ready we start feeling the beams in our hearts we stop loving, we see love running through us.

A silent man appears. This new man is a void on earth, he is disattached from who he thinks he is and he is complete in this disattachment. As he re-members he remembers, his universe moves with him vertically in time.

As the wise man put it “It is not about what you understand, it is about your understanding”. We stop collecting information, looking for answers, instead we drop the weights coming with the ego of what we understand.

Knowledge borns from the words, knowing comes from the silence. Love is bounded with the definitions, loving is a silent state. What we are is a definition and our being is silent. What we understand brings words, understanding is made of silence.

Understanding comes into our lives as a special quality, a new dimension, a new state. It is the capacity we build, strengthen that helps us move lightly, vertically, through the planes of our being, so we lift the universe up with us.




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