A wise man once told me a short story of a shepherd. I will probably not remember the exact words, but I think I have never forgotten the meaning. Let me try to retell the story: A shepherd takes 100 sheeps for grazing and he counts only 99 on his return. Because he is a responsible and good shepherd he wants to find that single sheep and searches for it everywhere to complete the herd. The story ends here. The wise friend ended his words saying “Even if 1 % of your pieces is missing, you are incomplete.” The story was not about what happens later on, it was about integrity and totality of the Being.

The meaning was very vague when I first heard about it, but now after years of searching for the meaning of life I now understand that we live our lives leaving our bits and pieces here and there, dissolving in time, dying little by little, dismembering ourselves.

This is why he often reminded me that understanding who we are is actually re-membering who we are. Remembering implies that we already know who we are, what we are for, what the meaning of life is. It is not about learning, collecting information, but remembering a lost story.

This is the way forward to reach the Individual who is not dividable and solid in his core. It is not something we become, but we find in the silence of our minds and with expansion of our hearts. Journey to “Individual” is journey to the spot where our minds and hearts are one with the earth, fully connected. It is not about learning, it is about being in the state of Knowing and being in the state of Loving. Individual is the man with a special capacity, that adds a different quality, a new ability to his being compared to the ordinary man’s. This capacity is “understanding” as he leaves what he understands and what he becomes behind, he slowly grow into something new.



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