Conversations – 1

We came a long way in the journey of awareness. This was a journey for us to turn our way back to our very human side, recognising ourselves as a conscious entity. We had layers of unawareness to dig and we did it. Now somehow most of us understand that there is something behind the whole mess, modernisation, imperialism, clonialism, fascism, borders, fears, wars and bloods.

Moa-Pillar-HumanityWe now know that it is possible to be only humans, only be, free from the structures built around us that were rising above us and watching us as a Big Brother. But it is now a lost memory, we are overcoming the fear. When did we start being ourselves more? …being humans regardless of the system that injects hatred into our hearts, our hopes, our interests. Can we open our hearts to the unknown and wait for it to come our ways with some tasks? Can we clean up our intentions and actions for the whole humanity, to start with? Can we remember the very first time we were told the lie that someone else is out there to catch us, to beat us and that we should fear from it? When did we start seeing human beings as separate entities? Is it not our ego indulging in duality?


When did we start wearing our egos like a cape on our shoulders, a cape that must have been heavy with dirt and rotten by now? Where the smell comes from, yuck?! Our beliefs are rotten, our egos got exhausted of being overused… We forgot to real notion of living in multiplicity, we have all these facets of us to know ourselves now, we are connected, more than ever. Through digital communication, through quantic epistemya… People are mobile, communities are mobile, we move from one corner of the earth to another, in pleasing journeys or chasing better lives, escaping from the wars. Our missiles everywhere, we have blood in our hands… We are responsible whatever is happening, we dreamt it to be that way. We look at the earth and say in silence “Mea Culpa”. This is where we start to take responsibility for dreaming the way forward, not only for our self-isolated beings, but for the “others”, with the “others”. Not for the humanity, but for the sake of love, unconditional love, that a warrior needs along the way, towards the infinity.


Collective mind has evolved and now it is evolving even more rapidly, doubling and tripling the speed we have seen in previous ages. From dark ages to date… We have endless way to go. We dream our ways, again and again, to fit us… This is where we start from, now, working together on ourselves, within our very being, acknowledging this magical universe.

Some of us looking for other dimensions, for heavens, for extraterrestrials, for holy answers to understand who we are. Some of us remember the very dream, a personal life in the universal scale, in the infinity. Because we are on this earth, now we work on it, anything that will help us find the direction will come to us, now, if we really look inside with sincerity, seriously.

Our tonals are wider, we can’t separate our experience from others’, it is on our TVs, on our social media, we know someone who knows someone searching for the truth alone… Tonal has expanded, we have to recapitulate on the whole (hi)story we are witnessing.

If it is the terror let it be your work, work on the terror, war and the blood, work on yourself noticing the alienation, hatred inside you… Own it, own the very fate of the humanity as yours. We kill altogether and we die all together whatever happens in anywhere on the world. Tribute all those died in any wars throughout the whole history and thank them all for reminding your responsibility. Remember time doesn’t work linear, without your consent nothing happens. We live in a self-made dreamland and we project the past and the future and the now, and the whole memory contained now and here (:nowhere).

Open up your heart to these (hi)story, carry the all weight on your chest and breath into it.


This is a new dawn, we are starting all over again. This is the age we have chosen to come, this is where exactly you wanted to be standing. So be it. Stand on your feet this time, with determination, clarity and don’t take bullshit. Say I am the One.

Remember you don’t exist, remember I don’t exist, remember we all live in this world to remember our nothingness, being aware of the nothingness just in a split second. Prepare for it to be the best dream you will ever see. Never be afraid of losing it, be bold in humanness… Each step will be more powerful as you clean up the wounds of thousands in very moment and your (hi)story will clean up, as you go layer by layer to the core. Work together, share love unconditionally. Feel the love of the one who shares it unconditionally.

Don’t give up on anyone, patiently wait, until they have that very moment where they suddenly open their hearts to unknown. You will feel the shiver of the unknown, tremble in peace.


Work on yourself with grace. Remember you are not alone on the earth, but you are alone in the nothingness. Be prepared to live in between, remembering both at the same time. Remember you are the One and you are Infinite, there is nothing to be, nowhere to go. Stick with the earth that your feet touch.

There is nobody out there. One will find its wholness in his nothingness. this is where one overcomes his self-importance and knows that there is noone to hook to there is nowhere to go, nothing to be. In the nothingness you will find the power to dream the way, only for the sake of your journey.

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