The third one: A New Formula

He is now looking for a hole on the canvas of life. A single pierce where the canvas looses its wholeness, its continuity… where the life stops being how it used to be what it used to be…

He is looking for that single absurdity, where things are not like themselves anymore, where they lack themselves, where they can be defined in a new way… with an accidental, erroneous spot in their being… like a missing stone on a necklace, a missing colour on a rainbow…

A breaking point…

He wants to be that point for the humanity. He wants to be the point where the meaning of being a human twists… where the humanity finds the inspiration to dream for the unconventional, the opposite… finds his shadow… defines itself again… redefines itself including the nothingness of a man.

A hole on the canvas of life, a hollow on the earth.

camera obscura.

H thinks then he would reach a new definition of who he is and take away the both, usual self and its opposite…

He thinks it might be the way to his plain self to remember he is neither this nor that.

then he would see himself from the eyes of what is left after taking away the both from the equation. He wants to find out what H stands for if

H= Self + (who he thought he is + who he though he is not)

Now he wishes to stop thinking and start living his new formula.

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